Kitchens – Part 2

•July 21, 2009 • 1 Comment

In recent years, kitchen designs have really moved into the modern age. Stylishness has not been left in the gutter along the way either. A single person, like yours truly definately needs a bit of style in their life. You can’t impress your guests if you have a kitchen that looks like one the cat dragged in. One needs a proper space to prepare food, enough cupboard space, etc. Examples like these ones below might set you back a few bucks, but it might be worth it in the long run.

People are renovating their kitchens / houses on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon to find some of them selling their old kitchens / accessories via the classifieds. So maybe that might be nice place to look for 2nd hand stuff. You could possibly look around for people having a yard sale too or you could just do a little DIY and fix up your own kitchen.


Coffee Tables – Part 1

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A coffee table is defined as a long low table, often placed before a sofa. It’s also called cocktail table. For men around the world it’s a place to put your feet onto when you’re watching the rugby game (much to your girlfriend or wife’s protest). It’s such a common occurrence in households today, but the first tables in Europe which were specifically designed as and called coffee tables appear to have been made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Prior to the late 18th century, tables used in Europe in conjunction with high back chairs included occasional tables, end tables, centre tables, and tea tables. By 1780, the high backed chairs were being replaced by low back sofas and this led to the development of sofa tables which stood against the back of the sofa and could be used by anyone sitting on the sofa to put down a book or a cup. Later coffee tables were designed as low tables and this idea may have been introduced from the Ottoman Empire. Today the coffee table is an integrate of one’s lounge furniture.

Any bachelor, like yours truly, should consider buying one of these tables. If you can’t afford one, at least look in the classifieds for bargains, theres bound to be someone selling a 2nd hand one.

Desks – Part 1

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Today we will be covering some ideas for desks in your bachelor pad or study. A professional needs a proper place to work or for his PC to stand on at least. I must admit, my own desk at home is not half as neat as one of these beauties. Here are some ideas for desks.

Guess I’ll have a look on some classifieds websites to find bargains. I can’t afford these very nice examples.

Persian Carpets – Part 1

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The Persian carpet is an essential part of Persian art and culture. Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia. In modern times Persia has been known as Iran. In 2008, exports of hand-woven carpets totalled $420 million from Iran. Approx 1.2 million weavers in Iran are producing carpets for domestic markets and international export. One of these carpets would look good in any home or bachelor’s pad, but be prepared to spend a few bucks if you want one of them, they’re quite pricey. Although these would be nice if you are into interior decorating.

Guess i’ll go and page through the classifieds and see if i can find a second hand one for a cheaper price.

Beds – Part 2

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This post will cover more designs for modern beds. A bachelor needs a nice bed to sleep in. One can’t perform your best at work if one sleeps in a crappy bed every night.

Here are a few photos of the designs I’ve found on the web:

Guess I’ll to look around for a second hand bed for sale on one of the many classifieds websites out there.

Antique Furniture – Part 1

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Sometimes its not a bad idea to go retro when it comes to choosing furniture for your bachelor pad or apartment. I must admit that I’m very tempted to obtain some antique furniture for my own place.

Here are photos of a few items to give you an idea:

Guess you can look around in the classifieds to find items like these.

Couches – Part 2

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A bachelor (or bachelorette) needs a nice lounge setting to chill out in and impress visitors. There are plenty of modern couch designs out there and here are some examples.

All these designs are a little out of my budget range, so I’ll probably look for second hand lounge furniture for sale in the classifieds