World’s Biggest Chair

You won’t find this next item advertised in the classifieds. This chair will definately not fit into my place, but it’s still something that one can admire. The world’s biggest chair is currently located in the Anniston, Alabama in the United States. The chair is 37 feet tall, made up out of 10 tons of steel and comes with a spiral staircase which leads to its seat. The chair was built by Miller’s Office Furniture in 1981. Since a 12 ft chair was unveiled in Massachusetts in the United States in 1905, there has been hectic competition between towns in the United States for the “world’s biggest chair” title and it has been held by various towns over the years.


I don’t think there is a world’s biggest lounge or office into which this over-sized chair will fit. You could probably seat 10 people on that seat comfortably. Since I won’t buy something this big, I think I should just look for other lounge furniture for sale. The only reason I’d buy or build such a big chair is so that I’d have something to brag about to my friends.


~ by runningwolfsa on August 25, 2009.

One Response to “World’s Biggest Chair”

  1. Despite the size, the chair actually doesn’t look half bad. Maybe it should open up for people to sit on it.

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