Star Trek Apartment

I must admit that I’m a real geek sometimes. But the inner geek in me will not inspire me to create an apartment like this person did. This is just “too Geek”, if you ask me, but it still admirable. I’ve watched most of the Star Trek saga, all the Star Wars movies and all the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis episodes. Thats about as geek as I get. The command room in Stargate Atlantis looked very cool, but it’s not like I’d spent time turning my home or apartment into a replica of it. What Tony Alleyne accomplished with renovations to his apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom can truly be admired. I would not have the guts and endurance to do something like this. I’d rather furnish my apartment with proper bedroom and lounge furniture than spend loads of cash on renovations.


Alleyne’s wife left him in 1994. He needed a project to keep his hands busy. In late 1997 he set out to create the ultimate Star Trek themed bachelor pad. Since he could not find parts for his project, he had to handcraft everything for the project himself. All the materials needed could luckily be found at home depot stores. In 2004 he started working on his project. He styled his whole apartment after the famed starship, Star Trek Voyager. He completed this projected in early 2007. His home / transporter room currently includes AEI Security Systems, Vos System voice-activated lighting, running light modules, AgiLight Z-LED lighting, and a Delonghi air conditioning system. It’s only a 500 square feet apartment, but the way design features were applied, it actually looks bigger. If the various cooling systems in the apartment are activated it gives one an extra feeling of being on an actual spaceship. This apartment has sparked a lot of interest and even prompted Alleyne to start his own company, 24th Century Design. He’s received various requests from clients either wanting a similar setup or even requests for Star Wars and Dr Who setups. What astounded him the most is that most of these requests were received from clients who expected him to work for free. He makes a point of not showing plug sockets, cables or any evidence of how things function, to compliment the design and give the feel of real voice activation. For his Star Trek Voyager project Alleyne even gave up his own bed so he can create a transporter room. He had suffered from scatia in his earlier years and his doctor recommended that he sleep on the floor, so the transporter room was perfect for a good night’s sleep.


I think a renovation project like this would be brilliant for a bachelor or hardcore sci-fi fan. The concept is unique and style is exquisite. Replacing your bedroom with a transporter room to me is taking it a bit too far, I’ll still need my bed. I’ll have to look around for a flat for sale one day, I might just get me one of these If I can afford it.


~ by runningwolfsa on August 6, 2009.

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