Coffee Tables – Part 1

A coffee table is defined as a long low table, often placed before a sofa. It’s also called cocktail table. For men around the world it’s a place to put your feet onto when you’re watching the rugby game (much to your girlfriend or wife’s protest). It’s such a common occurrence in households today, but the first tables in Europe which were specifically designed as and called coffee tables appear to have been made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Prior to the late 18th century, tables used in Europe in conjunction with high back chairs included occasional tables, end tables, centre tables, and tea tables. By 1780, the high backed chairs were being replaced by low back sofas and this led to the development of sofa tables which stood against the back of the sofa and could be used by anyone sitting on the sofa to put down a book or a cup. Later coffee tables were designed as low tables and this idea may have been introduced from the Ottoman Empire. Today the coffee table is an integrate of one’s lounge furniture.

Any bachelor, like yours truly, should consider buying one of these tables. If you can’t afford one, at least look in the classifieds for bargains, theres bound to be someone selling a 2nd hand one.


~ by runningwolfsa on July 14, 2009.

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